We all make purchasing decisions and are often faced with a choice between products of the same type but from different manufacturers. What attracts us more – a product that is mass-produced in the same series or one that is the result of careful handwork?

Your answer to this dilemma will not only be the choice of the product but also the choice of the brand and all its associations. A brand represents an important product that we buy, regardless of the specific product or service.

Why is branding so important to entrepreneurs?

A brand is the core of your business and requires the most dedication, work, and promotion if you want to achieve success.

What exactly does the brand represent?

The definition of a brand says that it is a distinctive mark, design, or name of a product or service that sets it apart from the competition. However, a brand is much more than that. A brand is the “Why” that defines you, the values you advocate, an idea that connects and inspires.

Example application:

Let’s take cars, for example. As a technical assembly, each car has four wheels, a steering wheel, a seat, and brakes. But the difference between Yugo and Aston Martin lies in the brand. “Yugo” is a ticket to hell, while “Aston Martin” is the choice of James Bond that the world is crazy about.

A brand is what people want, even if they can’t have it, while the product is only the material form of the brand.

Brand vs. Product:

People get attached to the brand, and this leads to customer loyalty. See “Apple” as an example. Their products are not unique in terms of functionality, but the motto “Think Different” has become synonymous with the brand. That’s what people buy – the brand itself.

How do big companies achieve this?

Let’s consider Apple as an example. Their products aren’t unique in terms of functionality. In fact, other manufacturers also produce similar devices. This brand doesn’t create something that no one else manufactures, nor does it possess exclusive resources.

What motivates people to wait in line for days to buy a new iPhone? To pay premium prices and compare all competing products with this brand?

The answer is simple. The core of this brand is one value, the motto – “Think different.” Two words that have become synonymous with “Apple.” This message is present in every product, stands out in every advertisement, and connects users of Apple products, whether it’s a phone, desktop, or laptop computer. That’s what people buy – the brand itself. The product is what the brand happens to produce. Today it’s telephones, computers, watches, and tomorrow it may be cars, irons, washing machines… But the emotions of customers and the values promoted by the company will remain unchanged.

Therefore, it is important that your brand is the key product that you offer in the market.

How to build your brand:

To achieve this, it is important to:

  • Communicate your message clearly.
  • Confirm and prove your credibility.
  • Establish an emotional connection with your customers.
  • Inspire customers to choose you.
  • Build loyalty among customers.

To get started, take the following steps:

  1. Define your target audience: Consider the specifics and create a message that will attract your target group.
  2. Define your values: Determine the purpose of your existence and the passion that drives you.
  3. Research the competition: Avoid copying others. The goal is to be unique and stand out.
  4. Continue to improve: Success doesn’t happen overnight. Constantly improve your brand and monitor the reaction of the target group.

Brand building is not an easy process, but if done correctly, it can transform your company from a small player to a serious competitor in the market. An emotional connection with customers is the key to success, and your brand is a story that is constantly being told. Invest in building your brand and keep sharing your success story.